Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review: BURIED IN CLUTTER (Tina Tales Mysteries Book #2) by Jan Christensen

Synopsis (from AMAZON):
Someone screams inside the old, neglected Victorian house next door, and Tina Shaw runs to find out what’s wrong. A woman bursts out the door saying her aunt is dead. Murdered. Tina notices that the hallway is piled high with cartons. Later when the woman begs her to help clean up the house, Tina hesitates. She’s just begun a career as a professional organizer, though, and her hands itch to start on a new job.

As Tina sifts through the clutter, she finds clues the murdered woman left behind. She learns the woman was rich, and all her relatives are suspects. But when the will is read, Tina and her family also become suspects. After her mother is arrested, Tina begins investigating in earnest with the help of her boyfriend, Hank (the Hunk). Will she find out who the killer is before her own life is put in danger? 

Tina is making a career change and leaving behind psychology practice to help people organize their lives. Once again, she takes on the job of de-cluttering the house of a hoarder.  But this time, a focus is on finding the clues to solve the murder of the strange neighbor whose cookies she remembers.  And this time, she and her family members are suspects.  As she sorts and boxes, she is watched by Mickey, a policeman, while other members of the force and Hank work on other parts of the house.  She discovers a scam and a couple obviously preying on the older woman's sympathies for their own means.  Hank is concerned for her safety and she keeps stumbling on family secrets. Where will it all lead? 

I enjoyed reading more about Tina and her internal professional conflicts, family dynamics, and, yes, the budding romance.  Christensen keeps you guessing until the end but the ending makes perfect sense.  Stayed up a little too late to finish this one - a sign of good book!  I hope there is a book #3!

This is the second in the Tina Tales series.  ORGANIZED TO DEATH was reviewed on this blog on May 12, 2014.  


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