Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: TO CONSPIRE by Sara E. B. Gauldin

Synopsis (from Amazon)

To Conspire is a fast paced mystery and crime drama that brings the element of conspiracy at all levels of public infrastructure into question. The story is based on a Detective who is ordered by her commanding officer to investigate the disappearances of several bankers off of the record. She is teamed up with a gentleman who ultimately causes her to question the simplistic view she has on crime.


This is a fast-paced story and Avery is a likable protagonist.  I found her honesty refreshing. She is teamed up with Kain, a man who is not your typical guy, and may be a bit paranoid. But, oh, those twinkling eyes.  A quick read, there is a lot of action, good guys, bad guys, and some who may be in limbo. There is a touch of conspiracy theory, investment scams, and, yes, a budding romance.  I hope Gauldin has more in store for Avery and Kain.  

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