Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Review: ORGANIZED FOR MURDER by Ritter Ames


The right business hook is the most important criteria for success, and Kate McKenzie thinks she’s found a perfect one. As an organizational expert, Kate knows Americans are running out of space and money, and renting more storage units is usually not the best solution. Starting an organizational business, Stacked in Your Favor, in her new hometown of Hazelton, Vermont seems like an answer to her family’s budget problems and an answer to southern Vermonters’ prayers. Business looks good when she snags collector, Amelia Nethercutt, as her first client, signing on to organize the wealthy woman’s eccentrically-filled mansion. But things take a turn beyond chaos when Amelia is murdered and Kate’s fingerprints are found on the poison that killed her.

This is the first in a new series featuring Kate, organizer extraordinaire.  She has many good tips for how to organize and thinks this is the niche for her.  She no sooner gets the contract to "organize" (really inventory) a large old estate and the person who hired her, Amelia, is killed.  It ends up that Amelia was concerned about antique pieces that seem to go missing, some of which she had found being sold in a near by antique shop.  Someone is trying to frame Kate.  Her only solution to being framed and staying in business is to keep the job and do the inventory for the estate.  There are a lot of suspects, and organized as she is, Kate keeps a casebook of all the tidbits she finds out and her own suspicions.  Interesting new take on cozy mystery setting.

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